Big Data Consulting Solutions

Amidst the world of automation and technology, there is a tremendous increase in the data generation at an exponential rate. This massive volume of Big Data is collected from different resources and analyzed strategically to gather profound insights. At CronCrew, our business domain expertise coupled with technical competency, enables us to incorporate Big Data analytics solutions for your organization, and implement the solutions that empower your organization.

CronCrew’s distinctive forte lies in unleashing the hidden treasure from within the massive quantities of Big data to generate a structured picture for your business to clearly see its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Understanding the data this way, can revolutionize your business. CronCrew offers a wide range of Big Data Analytics solutions including Advanced Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Visualization, Data Management Services, Big Data Consulting, Business Intelligence Consulting and Outsourced Data Analytics across several industries including Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Media and Entertainment. Processing your exabytes of data and performing comprehensive analysis on your organization’s Big Data can yield newer perceptions that could revolutionize your business.

At CronCrew, we believe in combining traditional methods like ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and BI (Business Intelligence) with advanced technologies like Text Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Statistics, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to transform your business into a data-driven business. We aid organizations gather valuable insights leading to newer strategies, that could drive profitability. From roadmaps and proof of concepts to platform customization and implementation of solutions, CronCrew experts can guide you and navigate through the Big Data journey.

Data Analytics Services

Advanced Data Analytics
CronCrew’s Advanced Analytics services help you develop technical strategies that turn your data into a competitive business advantage. Our experts focus on utilizing analytics techniques to offer valuable insights into both internal and external factors corresponding to an organization. Applying Advanced Data analytics can empower your organization with the right information at the right time, which helps optimize the decision making process and guide them towards making smart choices.

Data Science
At CronCrew, we offer Data Science Solutions to suit your business needs including improvising the organization’s ETL processes, tools and technologies. We provide Data Science Consulting to enable organizations to extract value from the massive volume of big data and applying the outcomes to re-define your business strategies, increase your income and improve your customer satisfaction. CronCrew provides a wide variety of services including Data Collection, Data Processing, Optimization & Evaluation, Data Mining and various other techniques.

Data Visualization
CronCrew’s Data Visualization experts enable you to visualize your Data into interactive charts, graphs, reports or dashboards, which are aesthetically pleasing to view and guide the decision-makers to formulate informed solutions. We work hard to design and implement clear, concise and relevant data representations for our clients. We also aim to develop fully-interactive, real-time visualizations that are easy to use and share across your organization.

Data Management Services
CronCrew offers comprehensive data management services by leveraging both manual oversight and automation that complement your business rules to deliver accurate information. Our expertise lies in all aspects of data including data processing, data cleansing, data migration, data normalization, data deduplication and data transformation. Maintaining data in an efficient manner is crucial for any organization, and CronCrew plays an important role in providing that for your organization.

Business Intelligence Consulting
CronCrew’s Business Intelligence Consultants aid your organization to make smart decisions by extracting critical information and powerful insights from data. Our experienced professionals can even parse convoluted systems and represent the data in a sensible format that is understandable for the end users. We render both BI solutions and BI consulting services including tool suggestions and relevant framework options for projects.

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